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Environmental Impact

Plant Production
      Mercer Botanicals grows and supplies high quality air purifying machines. Some of the products we grow were tested and promoted by NASA to help reduce toxins like formaldehyde, benzine, and ammonia. Apart from cleaning your air in a home or office other studies have shown an increase in memory and concentration. 
Water and Fertilizer
       Mercer Botanicals over the years has made a mission to become more water conservative. All houses built after 2000 have been put in with low volume overhead irrigation emitters and low volume dripper tubes for hanging material. A professional study was done to find out the output and accuracy of our new and old irrigation systems. From the information gathered we are working to replace the old irrigation systems and improve our accuracy to over 90% in all greenhouses. With doing all of this work Mercer Botanicals has drastically reduced the amount of water use per year while increasing the accuracy of liquid fertilizer applications, eliminating runoff. In an additional effort to reduce the amount of liquid fertilizer Mercer Botanicals incorporates or top dresses a 180 or 360 day slow release fertilizer into all soil mixes.       
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and
Best Management Practice (BMP)
      Mercer Botanicals, Inc. believes in being proactive, not reactive. We have 1 full-time person and 4 full-time growers that are responsible for the care of our plants. They find and resolve pests before they become an issue. They make sure to grow them in the best cultural environment to reduce watering, fertilizing, and chemical applications. We continual send our growing staff to classes to keep them updated on new biological controls, new chemistries, new insects, and new ways to treat and control pests in the greenhouse. We also follow the guidelines and are apart of the Best Management Practices (BMP) set up by the State of Florida.
      Mercer Botanicals, Inc. regularly sanitizes sidewalks, plants beds, and other areas around the greenhouse to increase safety around the workplace, as reducing the spread of any possible pathogens between crops. The disinfectant we use breakdowns into Hydrogen and Oxygen, both naturally occurring elements.
      As part of the IPM program, Mercer Botanicals, Inc. has for the past 15+ years been using Biologicals. This includes predatory insects, and biological chemicals (naturally occurring substances). We strive everyday to increase our usage of these and successfully grow multiple crops with zero synthetic insecticides. We care about the well-being of our people, our plants, and of our environment.  
 Please feel free to contact us for additional information or questions on our use of water, fertilizer, or biological products.