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Syngonium is an attractive plant with many different colors this a popular plant for the home, office or in a dish garden. White, Randy, Berry and Creme, varieties are also offered in 6" and 8" totem poles.

Light: Medium to Medium High
Water: Do not let it wilt or lowers leaves will yellow, keep soil moderately wet not saturated

Syngonium - Species and Cultivars

Berry Syngonium More Information Berry Syngonium

Bob Allsuion More Information Bob Allsuion

Bold Allusion More Information Bold Allusion

Confetti pp # 18016 More Information Confetti pp # 18016

Creme Allusion More Information Creme Allusion

Creme Supreme More Information Creme Supreme

Glo-Go More Information Glo-Go

Green Star More Information Green Star

Holly More Information Holly

Holly M More Information Holly M

Mango Allusion More Information Mango Allusion

Maria Syngonium More Information Maria Syngonium

Neon Robusta pp# 18013 More Information Neon Robusta pp# 18013

Plum Allusion More Information Plum Allusion

Randy More Information Randy

Regina Red More Information Regina Red

Sunshine More Information Sunshine

Syngonium Pole More Information Syngonium Pole

White Butterfly More Information White Butterfly

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