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Neanthe Bella Palm

Neanthe bella, parlor palm are also common names for the Chamaedorea elegans. One of the most popular palms today because of its ability to tolerate low light levels, lack of water and just general abuse, which is found in most homes or office buildings, and makes it a perfect plant for dishgarden producers. Mercer Botanicals produces this plant in 3" pots to 8" pots.

More About Neanthe Bella Palms

Neanthe Bella Palm is frequently called the Parlor Palm. Itís one of the best palms to use indoors. It can thrive in low light conditions and it can tolerate a missed watering or two if itís not left for a prolonged time without water.

Its only drawback is that it may harbor spider mites. To stop this from occurring the plant must be well maintained and healthy to reduce its susceptibility. Examine the underside of its leaves occasionally in order to stop an incipient infestation.

If you believe your plant is being attacked by spider mites clean the leaves with a soapy sponge. Used a soap the doesnít have any fragrances or other additives in it. Be sure that you also wash the underside of the leaves.

This exceptionally attractive plant has fronds that are smaller than the majority of palms and it has many of them. The fronds will help to form a dense palm that acclimates well to most parts of an office or home. Interior landscapers frequently use them for multi-plant groupings or a stand-alone plant.


When it is full grown a Neanthe Bella Palm may grow to four feet tall. However, it takes a few years to reach this height. T begin with, this palm should be potted in a container that is roughly six inches in diameter and it should have good drainage. As your plant grows, youíll have to transplant it into a bigger container so it can continue growing.


Neanthe Bella Palms grow well in many lighting conditions encountered indoors. A room that has bright or medium light will work the best. Direct sunlight should be avoided, as the plant will not thrive under this condition.


The soil should remain moist, but not overly wet. Never allow the soil to become totally dry. Too much water can cause a variety of problems. The quantity of water required will depend on many things including the lighting, humidity levels, and room temperature. In most cases, you should be able to give the plant water weekly, depending on the amount of time it takes for the soil to dry. Make sure that the palm is not kept in standing water in excess of 15 minutes, since this can encourage pests and cause its roots to rot.


The typical indoor temperature of 70 degree Fahrenheit works well for Neanthe Bella Palms. Avoid exposure to heating vents as this will cause the soil to dry quickly and the tips of its leaves to turn brown.

Neanthe Bella - Species and Cultivars

Neanthe Bella Palms More Information Neanthe Bella Palms

Shown here in a 3" pot.
Neanthe Bella Palms More Information Neanthe Bella Palms

Shown here in a 4" pot.

Neanthe Bella Palms More Information Neanthe Bella Palms

Shown here in a 6" pot.
Neanthe Bella Palms More Information Neanthe Bella Palms

Shown here in an 8" pot.

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