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Very popular plant due to it’s attractive pattern and color. MBI produces this plant in 3” to 8” pots. Most common varieties are Camilla and Compacta. However, the hybrid varieties are becoming well received.

Dieffenbachia plants are perennials that have straight stems. They have alternate simple leaves that contain many flecks and white spots making them a visually pleasing indoor plant. They are popular house plants due to their ability to live in a low light environment. Dieffenbachia was named after the head gardener of Vienna’s Botanical gardens named Joseph Dieffenbach (1796 – 1863).

Dieffenbachia are commonly referred to as “dumb care”. This is due to the untoward effects it has on those who ingest it. It is called “dumb cane” because if it is ingested in sufficient quantity it can temporarily cause an inability to speak.

Dumb Canes do contain a poison, but it is very unusual for it to result in death. The plant contains many microscopic crystals of calcium oxalate. When these crystals are orally consumed, they can cause the mouth to become swollen and painful. In some instances, the swelling results in an inability to speak. Hence, this is the origin of its common moniker, “Dumb Cane”. Although, ingestion of this plant is very unlikely to result in death, it does have some rather unpleasant side-effects.

Although ingestion of the plant can be somewhat problematic , Diffenbachias have some very pleasing attributes as well. They have one of the most beautiful combination of yellow, white, and green foliage that you will see in an indoor plant. The plant is also rather robust and does not require a lot of care. It does well in an environment of moderate light.

Dieffenbachia - Species and Cultivars

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Dieffenbachia Hybrids

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