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Croton (Codiaeum)

The Croton plant comes in many shapes and colors from yellow, orange, red, green and purple-red. New leaves on the Croton plant are green and change color as the they mature. Crotons are a great plant for adding color in whether it is a dish garden, on your porch or in your landscaping. MBI produces many colors and varieties of Croton plants from 3” pots to 10”pots (3 gallon).


Petra More Information Petra

Available in 3'", 4", 6", 8" and 10" pots.

Croton Hybrids

The names used vary industry wide. However, at Mercer Botanicals we used the names supplied to us by our South American cutting suppliers. These plants are grown in limited numbers, please contact us on availability.

AFD-5 More Information AFD-5

Augustifolium More Information Augustifolium

Aurora More Information Aurora

Banana More Information Banana

Brasil More Information Brasil

Carrow More Information Carrow

Congo More Information Congo

Also known as Papey
Curley Boy More Information Curley Boy

Eleanor Roosevelt More Information Eleanor Roosevelt

Also called Sloppy Painter
Franklin Roosevelt More Information Franklin Roosevelt

Also known as Red Spot

Gold Dust More Information Gold Dust

Magnificent More Information Magnificent

Mammy More Information Mammy

Mora More Information Mora

Mrs. Icetone More Information Mrs. Icetone

Mrs. Robinson More Information Mrs. Robinson

Nervia Croton More Information Nervia Croton

Norma More Information Norma

Picasso Paintbrush More Information Picasso Paintbrush

Pictum Spot More Information Pictum Spot

Pie Crust More Information Pie Crust

Red Banana More Information Red Banana

Stoplight More Information Stoplight

Twist and Point(Fiesta) More Information Twist and Point(Fiesta)

Victoria Gold Bell More Information Victoria Gold Bell

Yellow Petra More Information Yellow Petra

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