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Aglaonema are perennial herbs that can grow decumbent or erect. Most often the crown is comprised of wide leaf blades which are frequently variegated with green and silver colors. Plant stems that grow parallel to the surface of the ground may have roots at their nodes.

Aglaonema is a plant that is frequently used for interior landscaping. It is also called a Chinese Evergreen. Care of this plant is relatively simple and it can grow in areas without an abundance of light that are frequently encountered in offices or homes.

This plant is suitable for the majority of locations but it will not do well in full sun. Full sun will cause the exposed leaves to be scorched. The plant can survive in low light, however it will not have a robust appearance and will appear rather thin.

The fruit of this plant is a berry that is fleshy and red when ripe. This fruit is a single large seed with a thin covering layer.


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